Lisah Stephens of Interpretations of a Part-Time Bibliophile

Say hello to Lisah Stephens from Interpretations of a Part-Time Bibliophile!



1. Tell us a little about yourself!
I’m 35 years old and live in Kansas with my husband and 4 kids. During the day, I’m a payroll clerk/bookkeeper at an accounting firm. Recently, I became an apprentice editor for, which I absolutely love! My favorite color is purple. My favorite season is autumn. And I think it should be a requirement to eat chocolate at least once a day, if not more.

2. What inspired you/caused you to start your book blog?
I originally started with a Tumblr account, then I created a fan blog for one my favorite author duos, C.A. Kunz. Carol and Adam are great and I love them dearly. But I wanted to start blogging about other books I read. So, I started the Interpretations of a Part-Time Bibliophile.

3. What is your favorite part of running one?
Honestly, my favorite part is designing it. I love to discover different things to add to my blog and finding ways to make it better. I also love creating the post and making them interesting and fun to read.

4. What’s your favorite place and time to read? At home in bed at 2am? Out and about at a coffee shop?
Honestly, I could probably read just about anywhere. I tend to just zone-out to where it’s just me and my Kindle. Mostly, I read in my bed, whenever I find the time.

5. Kindle or regular book? How did you feel about the Kindle to book transition? Did you fight it at first or dive right in?
I like the convenience of my Kindle, but I also like to read print books too. I had no problems going from book to Kindle. As long as I can read it, I’m good.

6. Favorite book of all time?
I can’t believe you’re seriously asking that, I could no sooner pick a favorite star in the sky.

7. Coolest author you ever got to meet/work with?
I’ve only met a few, but Carol & Adam Kunz! I love them so much and they are by far the coolest!

8. Tell us about the woman (women?) behind the mask? Err blog!
I like to read YA/NA, Paranormal, Fantasy, and Dystopian books. My favorite TV series are Teen Wolf (can’t get enough Stiles and Isaac), Hemlock Grove (on Netflix), and Grimm (Nick… mmm). I love to watch movies with my family. I enjoy staying inside as opposed to being outside (the mosquitoes think I’m a buffet). My favorite holidays are Halloween and Christmas. Chocolate is my favorite food group!

9. Do you prefer a bunch of quick, sweet stand-alone reads or a long drawn out series of epic proportions?
I always seem to pick series, but I do like some stand-alones to break up the series a bit.

10. Last book you read and how did you rate it?
The last book I read was for a beta read on Mercy, which is book four of The Ferryman + The Flame series. I really liked it. I didn’t rate because it’s not released yet. But I’m definitely interested in reading the first three books of the series.

11. Aside from reading, what else do you do with your time? Or, like us, do things book-related pretty much sum up your life?
Well, when I’m not reading, I’m on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, my blog, watching TV or Netflix. But now that Teen Wolf is over I don’t have a lot to watch until the Fall shows come on!

12. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
That’s easy, Ireland! I’ve always wanted to go there. I’m convinced I was Irish in a former life.

13. If you could meet any author, who would it be?
This is a toughie. There are so many authors I’d like to meet. But for right now, I think it’d have to be Cassandra Clare because she responded to one of my tweets one time. And it was AWESOME!

14. If you could go on a date with any fictional male character, who would it be, from what book?
It has to be Tod Hudson from Rachel Vincent’s Soul Screamer series. Loved him from the get go, plus he can blink us anywhere. No need for a vehicle!

15. Who is a female character you could see yourself being best friends with?
Definitely Hermione Granger! I’d love to be best friends with her!

16. Is there a fiction genre you just can’t seem to stand or get into?
I don’t know, I haven’t read all of them. I tend to stay away from historical non-fiction, Christian, and romance.

17. When I say favorite book cover, what’s the first one to come to mind – since we know there probably can’t be just one?
Has to be Freak of Nature by Julia Crane. That’s one book I bought just because of the cover! It’s amazing!

18. What was the series in childhood that got you hooked on reading?
When I was a teenager, I read almost all of the books by Christopher Pike. But after that, I didn’t read for a really long time. The Harry Potter series is what got me back into reading…when I was like 30!

19. Were you The Quiet Girl Who Was Always Reading, or did you mainly just read at home in secret?
In school, I didn’t read much, so it was mostly at home.

20. Do you always read several books at once, or just stick to one at a time?
I usually just read one at a time, but sometimes, not often, I read more than one at a time.

21. Favorite book to movie adaption?
I have to say the Harry Potter series – all of them. Because I love both the books and the movies! But, honestly, Deathly Hallows Part 2 was absolutely epic!


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3 responses to “Lisah Stephens of Interpretations of a Part-Time Bibliophile

  1. Great interview, and I totally agree that Deathly Hallows Two was the best movie adaptation ever!

  2. Love this interview!! Then again I love Lisah so…

  3. Definitely bringing you chocolate when we finally meet in person. XOXO.

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