Nadine Colling and Tamara McRae of Hook Me Up Book Blog

Another dynamic duo today, folks: Nadine Colling and Tamara McRae from Hook Me Up Book Blog!

HMU Nadine

HMU Tamara


1. Tell us a little about yourself!
Nadine: Hey there, my name is Nadine, I am 27 years old and live in crazy San Francisco. I joined Hook Me Up Book Blog early June this year and love it so far. Well besides the obvious that I love reading, I also love anything tattoo related. I’ve several tattoos and have a very weak spot for tattooed guys 😉 I’m coffee and movie addict, yep; without coffee I wouldn’t be able to function. What else, mmh lets see… oh yeah I’m originally from Germany but moved to the U.S. 5 years ago and am now studying, getting my Bachelor in English-Literature, because I really really want to become a book editor. Guess that’s it about me 😉
Tamara: Hello! I live in Brisbane, Australia with my teenage daughter.  I have always loved reading but became seriously addicted when I discovered indie books and being able to buy them at all times of the day thanks to ebooks just fueled this addiction!  I am currently studying psychology and in my spare time work on my own book – this is a dream I have always had and love the opportunity to self publish that now exists.

2. What inspired you/caused you to start your book blog?
Nadine: Tamara started the blog; we were friends on GoodReads (bless this site) already and she just asked me out of the blue if I’d like to join and of course I said yes.
Tamara: I wanted to help indie authors promote themselves.  Not many of my friends read indie books or even seem to know they exist so I was sharing books on my facebook page and thought why not set up a blog and broadcast my love of these authors and books to a wider base!  I also wanted to meet other readers who are as addicted as I am because I truly think that my friends were sick of hearing me talk about books they had never heard of 😉

3. What is your favorite part of running one?
Nadine: Sharing great new books/reviews with people. I love giving recommendations.
Tamara: I love the community that we are building.  Our blog has been going for about three months or so and we are starting to get to know many of our readers, sharing recommendations back and forth and I love that!  I love the friendship I now have with Nadine thanks to the blog.  I also ADORE meeting and working with authors and watching them succeed.

4. What’s your favorite place and time to read? At home in bed at 2am? Out and about at a coffee shop?
Nadine: Actually I carry my kindle everywhere lol… So I can sneak in some reading time wherever I am. But I prefer reading at home cause some people in public are very annoying and they would only distract me from my current book crush. I’ve no preferred reading time though, anytime is good for me.
Tamara: Well, I seem to do most of my reading in the wee hours lately but I really love it when I have a Saturday or Sunday morning with nothing to do but stay in bed late and read.

5. Kindle or regular book? How did you feel about the Kindle to book transition? Did you fight it at first or dive right in?
Nadine: Kindle; it’s lighter to carry around plus I collect certain books (from my favorite authors and wouldn’t like to bend the pages-yes I’m crazy like that). I liked the transition because I think not everyone can buy/carry the books with them. Good example is me, I’m still international student, I could have never bought all the books in paperback cause maybe, who knows, I’ve to leave back home and then I’d be really screwed carrying/packing 100 of books with me. Kind of ridiculous, right? So yes I welcomed e-readers.
Tamara: Kindle all the way baby!  But oh man, I fought it!  When I first started reading on my iPhone it was only free books.  I mean, who was going to pay money for a book that they couldn’t put on their shelf and display to the world that they owned it??  Then one night I decided that I NEEDED to read the sample chapters of Fifty Shades to see what all the fuss was so I dragged my iPad out and when I got to the end of those chapters I NEEDED to keep reading so damn it I gave in and bought the trilogy – yes, after refusing to pay a cent for an ebook I spent nearly $30 on a trilogy ebook!!  I needed to know what was in that bloody red room 😉  I haven’t bought a paperback since.

6. Favorite book of all time?
Nadine: That’s a mean question, same as picking your favorite child. I’ve a ‘all-time-fav’ shelf on GR but I guess I would say 50 Shades, cause this series made me start reading and Christian was indeed my very first book crush. You gotta love his kinky f@ckery 😉
Tamara: Oh, that’s a mean question!  Can I name a few??  I still have a special place in my heart for the 50 Shades trilogy especially since I discovered that without that book I would not have met Nadine and our blog would not exist.  I loved The Sea of Tranquility by Katja Millay, Motorcycle Man by Kristen Ashley, The Original Sinners series by Tiffany Reisz.

7. Coolest author you ever got to meet/work with?
Nadine: Sadly I haven’t met any yet (damn author events are all so far away) but I work closely with few authors and love them. The coolest for me are: Staci Hart (Good Gods Series), Harper Sloan (love this chick, she cracks me up), and Brooke Cumberland (such a sweetheart)
Tamara: Barbara Cutrera holds a special place in my heart because she was the first author I met through the blog and we have helped each other since and built a friendship;  Lola Stark is a wicked, wicked woman who I love – check out her debut book Tattered Love releasing in September; and lastly, Bella Jewel who has just released her debut novel Hell’s Knights – she let me design her countdown teaser pics and organise her release event and I have loved watching the success of her book so far!

8. Tell us about the woman (women) behind the mask? Err blog!
Nadine: Oh I see you want to know my ‘dirty side/secrets’ huh 😉 Well I’m not married have no kids yet- so yep I’m single. I’m pretty career focused right now and am pushing myself hard to achieve my goals (guess that’s the German gene in me). I’m very open-minded and love to connect with people, but I’m also very straight forward when something bothers me etc. I’m always down doing stupid/fun stuff haha… I can’t say no to puppy or lil kids begging eyes. I love Italian food and men too J I used to be a gym instructor and tortured people in my classes – that was a lot of fun and sometimes I miss it.
Tamara: Mmmm, you want something more than the standard answer right?!  Random stuff about me – collector of quotes, Pinterest addict (oh holy god, what a time suck this is but I can’t help myself!), tea drinker, mum going through the teenage years (and I thought the terrible twos were bad!), list maker, domestic goddess….ok, that last one is a lie!  I LOVE country music and if I ever come back in another life I hope that I am born in Nashville – there’s hot guys there that look like Keith Urban right??

9. Do you prefer a bunch of quick, sweet stand-alone reads or a long drawn out series of epic proportions?
Nadine: It totally depends on the series. I love trilogies and stand-alone’s equally. I’ve recently read some pretty awesome trilogies. I don’t like when a trilogy miraculously turns into a 5 book series or so; nope, don’t like that.
Tamara: I don’t really have a preference so long as there is a hot guy and a lot of steam  😉  I do have to admit though that I don’t like my books to be too short.  A series is good too but if there are cliffhangers then no more than three in the series and don’t release them too far apart because I can’t remember a lot of the details with all the books I read.  Mmm, and I thought I had no preference.

10. Last book you read and how did you rate it?
Nadine: I’ve got pretty lucky and got an ARC of Shooting Scars (The Artists Trilogy#2) by Karina Halle (which is btw my very favorite author of all times). This series, this book was pretty epic. She’s just brilliant and I can’t wait for the final book!!
Tamara: Truth by Aleatha Romig – 5 stars for me.  What an amazing book – you’ve got to read it!  But make sure you read the first one in the series Consequences.

11. Aside from reading, what else do you do with your time? Or, like us, do things book-related pretty much sum up your life?
Nadine: My studies consume most of my time but when I have some spare time I love to go to the movies or have dinner with friends. But most likely I sneak in a book that I had for a long time on my kindle and was dying to read 😉

12. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
Nadine: Somewhere tropical would be my choice. I love sun and beach; I could lay for hours on the beach doing nothing.
Tamara: Paris.  I’ve just always wanted to go there, can’t tell you why but I do.

13. If you could meet any author, who would it be?
Nadine: E.L. James because she hooked me on reading. I’ve read her 50 Shades book three times.
Tamara: Kristen Ashley!  She is my favourite author but I have a secret to tell you – I haven’t read all her books yet.  Yes, I know that seems weird and my bff who also loves KA can’t believe it but it’s a good feeling knowing that I’ve always got another one of her books left to read.  Yep, I never said it made sense 😉

14. If you could go on a date with any fictional male character, who would it be, from what book?
Nadine: Dex from the Experiment in Terror series or Camden from The Artists Trilogy, which both Karina Halle writes. Both are extremely hot, and a bit twisted in their own way. I love characters with edge; too perfect is boring cause who is perfect?
Tamara: You like these hard questions don’t you?!  Well, definitely Christian Grey (50 Shades) because it would be an epic date with no expense spared – Charlie Tango, anyone??  If I picked Gideon (Crossfire series) would there be a limousine involved??  If neither of them are available I will take Tack (Motorcycle Man) or Hawk (Mystery Man).

15. Who is a female character you could see yourself being best friends with?
Nadine: Hmm, that’s a tough question, but I would pick Aphrodite from Staci Hart’s Good Gods series. I love that she’s the goddess of love and she’s fun to be around.
Tamara: Maybe Tyra from Motorcycle Man.

16. Is there a fiction genre you just can’t seem to stand or get into?
Nadine: I agree [with Kassandra] on the heavy sci-fi but also too cheesy romance stories; I’m a bit bored of them.
Tamara: Good god, definitely NO sci-fi for me!  I am not into fantasy, ghosts or any of that kind of stuff…vampires are ok but they have been done to death haven’t they?

17. When we say favorite book cover, what’s the first one to come to mind – since we know there probably can’t be just one?
Nadine: Axel and Cage book of Harper Sloan (the original covers). They were pretty hot. But also the book cover of Get Bent; I love inked guys on a cover 😉

18. Were you The Quiet Girl Who Was Always Reading, or did you mainly just read at home in secret?
Nadine: Well I never read back in Germany so I was more the outgoing person. I used to do a lot of sports and do things with my dogs and friends.

19. Do you always read several books at once, or just stick to one at a time?
Nadine: I try to stick with only one, to give it my full attention and to be able to write a great review on it. I hate forgetting details or mixing things up.
Tamara: I prefer to just have one on the go but sometimes out of necessity for meeting review deadlines I have more than one.

20. Favorite book to movie adaptation?
Nadine: Totally 50 Shades, even though I’m afraid the movie won’t do the book justice.

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  1. Aaaee thanks girls, it was fun doing this interview!!

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