Jessica Johnson of BookEnd 2 BookEnd

Our last feature is the lovely Jessica Johnson of BookEnd 2 BookEnd!

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1. What is your favorite part of running a blog?
My absolute favorite part of running a blog is meeting new people that are just as obsessed with books like I am.  I thought I was alone when I cared so deeply for fictional characters or was depressed for days after I read the final book in a series. Then I found there are hundreds like me I was in awe! It’s the most amazing thing to be able to talk about the fantastic books I read with someone who loves them just the same! I love to get private messages from readers to talk about books!

2. What’s your favorite place and time to read?
I love to read in bed! My favorite times are in the morning after I drop the kids off at school and at night right before I fall asleep. It’s a daily ritual and I rarely skip reading at those two times. 🙂

3. Favorite book of all time?
This is totally a loaded question for a bookie, but one I don’t mind answering because I love to mention the book that gave me my love of reading! ‘Where the Red Fern Grows’ by Wilson Rawls! Favorite. Book. of. all. time!!!

4. Do you prefer a bunch of quick, sweet stand-alone reads or a long drawn out series of epic proportions?
I love both. It really depends on my mood and the time I have. Sometimes I want the short novellas, or stand alones, but sometimes I want to get swallowed whole with characters and I want a series I could get lost in. :]

5. Last book you read and how did you rate it?
Last book I read was ‘Beneath Your Beautiful’ by Tamsyn Bester and I gave it 4 thumbs up rating! I really enjoyed it! It was about to broken people who let the walls down for each other and found a love that speaks to the soul. I’m glad it made it’s way into my life and I was able to read it! :]

6. Aside from reading, what else do you do with your time? Or, like us, do things book-related pretty much sum up your life?
Besides spending time with my husband & kids and my two fur babies…yup books pretty much sum up my life! LOL

7. If you could go on a date with any fictional male character, who would it be, from what book?
Devlin. *sigh* I want to go on a date with Devlin from Belinda Boring’s ‘The Mystic Wolves’ series!! Sexy vampire, loyal friend…yup date with him would be awesome! ;]

8. Is there a fiction genre you just can’t seem to stand or get into?
Westerns. I can’t do westerns. I’ve tried. I just can’t.

9. Were you The Quiet Girl Who Was Always Reading, or did you mainly just read at home in secret?
I was the girl always reading and writing. I would lock myself up in my room and write or read my time away. I always had a book with me. I always had a story to tell. :]

10. Favorite book to movie adaption?
The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks! Both the book and the movie! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!

Thank you so much for asking me to be a part of this! It’s an honor to be able to share a bit of myself with your readers. I appreciate authors that don’t forget the bloggers that do this everyday for the love of reading! ❤


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