My Week in a Nutshell (and yes, there’s a lesson here)

I’ve had something of a crazy week.  Without going into too many details (because my personal life really is not interesting enough to share with the blogosphere), I’d like to share some of what I learned from all of it, because I think it’s kind of important.

So I spent the first half of this week being extraordinarily pissed off.  I am trying to do something that I believe is incredibly important, and I was told by “those in charge” that because I missed a (not-very-well-publicized) deadline by a few days, I would basically have to put all my plans on hold until November.  Well, that was not going to fly with me, so I fought it.  I wrote messages, I talked to people, I got other people to talk to people… I made my discontent very, very clear.  And something worked, because I found out Wednesday night that the people in charge decided to make an exception for me.  (I’m sure you all can appreciate how rare that is–for the “powers that be” to make exceptions.)

This isn’t a story about how it’s okay to be a screwup and lose track of deadlines, because that’s not okay.  And if I hadn’t had five million and one other things to think about, this never would’ve happened in the first place.  But this is a story about believing in yourself and fighting for what you want.

Anger is draining–I then spent the latter half of this week exhausted and lazy, though that could’ve been from other things too–but when I got that email on Wednesday night, all that anger turned into champagne bubbles of happiness.  Every ounce of energy I expanded being mad and fighting back was 110% worth it, because I’m going to get to do what I believe in with my entire heart.  I’m going to get to make a difference.

I guess the lesson here is this: don’t let anyone tell you that you aren’t worth it, that you don’t deserve to be the exception.  Because if you don’t believe that, who else is going to?


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